• Crochet Gifts, Surprises and Pop-Ups!

    Sunset in the Air
    The trip gave me time to see and experience something new and gave me the opportunity to open up my creative mind and use my hands to begin designing again. . . I have been making colorful granny squares without a definite design in mind.  I am sure that they will turn into a beautiful design that will be shown (and hopefully sold) at the Pop-Up. 
  • Rollin into the New Year!

    If you are a crocheter I recommend that you make a few granny squares and see what designs open up as you make them. . . .  maybe a cute steering wheel cover...
  • Welcome Spring!

    Hey Loves, Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations. . . .  a time for a fresh renewal and starting over. It may be daunting and sca...
  • Life on a String

    I remember that day fondly because it was a day that I realized a dream that had been placed on my vision board about 3-4 years previously was an actual reality.