Life on a String

It has been 619 days since I opened my boutique at Crafted Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA.  I remember that day fondly because it was a day that I realized a dream that had been placed on my vision board about 3-4 years previously was an actual reality.

The journey to get to the opening was filled with anxiety, fear, joy, excitement and hope.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I feel that same way most of the time since. . . I think of it as my LIFE ON A STRING. It is my joy (most of the time) and my sorrow (some days), but always my LOVE.

I market my classes by stating the benefits of crocheting which are . .  minimizes stress, helps with anxiety, helps to develop hand and eye coordination and the simple joy of taking a ball of yarn and creating something unique . .  something that can be given as a gift, worn, handed down through generations, donated . .  the sky is the limit.

Well, it has been ALL of those things to me.  It is really my life on a string.  I took a survey last night and it asked what other hobby do I have and I honestly answered "none".  Crocheting and learning other yarn crafts is ALL that I do.  I feel weird when I don't crochet or make, when I am sad or depressed I pick up yarn, when I am happy and have a beautiful design in my head I pick up yarn.  Lastly, when it it hard, which it has been lately, I pick up yarn.  

Through the process of opening and maintaining my shop I have moved, lost friends, changed jobs and ended relationships.  My life is actually balancing on a string right now. . . Some days I contemplate closing the boutique and just selling in person and online.  Even as I am making this decision I still pick up yarn and make.  It is who I am.  It is my lifeline.  It is my solitude.  I am sharing this because I just want to explain to you my love of the craft and convince myself that I am still Tracy of Lovepetals Crochet regardless to my having a boutique or hanging up my shingles.  (That's an old tern for closing shop). lol

Thanks for reading and your support.  For me it is all about LOVE.  Have an amazing day!


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