Rollin into the New Year!

The week after Off The Hook Fashion show my car was stolen and vandalized.  I was already exhausted from producing the show and then this. . .  They found the car 2 weeks later and it was totally stripped.  I was so sad.  I was hopeful that they would find it and that maybe a couple of teens just took it on a joy ride.  That was not the case!

I went 3 months catching the bus (while waiting for my car to be found), scheduling Uber rides and renting a car.  I was just not ready to make a decision.  I also went one month with no crocheting. I was in a slump to say the least.

I purchased a car but it was still not MY car. . . we had been on so many road trips and adventures, so many memories. . . but, it was time to move on. To bring some joy to my spirit while driving the new car I decided to design a steering wheel cover. I saw a car with cute crocheted head rests and a steering wheel cover so I researched a few on Pinterest and started making colorful granny squares.  The completed design is totally cute and I have actually had drivers in the car next to me and point to it and give me a thumbs up.  I love it!

I am now rolling in to the new year with a new ride, a cute and colorful steering wheel cover and just coming off of my social media fast for the month of January 2024.  I am excited about new opportunities, new students, new crochet groups and open to the changes that have occured in my life.

If you are a crocheter I recommend that you make a few granny squares and see what designs open up as you make them. . . .  maybe a cute steering wheel cover . . . the sky is the limit!  I invite you to roll into the changes that are happening in your life and be excited as you see where they lead you! 


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