Crochet Gifts, Surprises and Pop-Ups!

Last week I returned from a trip to visit my mom to celebrate her 82nd birthday!  It was a turnaround trip.  I enjoyed myself and it was great to see my mom and sister but . . . I am exhausted.  There is something about flying that totally drains me of energy.  Most of the time I sleep through the entire flight.  This trip was no exception.

The trip gave me time to see and experience something new and gave me the opportunity to open up my creative mind and use my hands to begin designing again.  I have kinda taken a break since I closed my shop in September. I have eased my way back into crocheting by  designing crocheted steering wheel covers.  I shared my first design on the last blog post.  Well, while visiting my mom I decided to make one for her car in her favorite color (purple).  My sister made a request for one in her favorite color (green) and she also ordered one for her sorority sister in (royal blue and white).  I am also making one for my sister's goddaughter with cute daisy and granny squares because she saw mine and totally fell in love with it.  Shhhh!  It's a surprise. lol!

I know that this isn't my usual designs like dresses and  fashion accessories but it is something cute, fun and quick to make.  I haven't really felt the passion to design in the past few months.  I love making beautiful crochet clothing and fashion but for some reason the desire hasn't been as strong.  I do feel myself coming out of my shell, but I want to take my time and let it come in waves and give myself time to breathe through it,

I was invited to participate in the Femme ???? Pop-Up in Simi Valley, CA on March ???  This will be my first venture back into the crochet arena.  My hands are busy and the anticipation is building. I have been making colorful granny squares without a definite design in mind.  I am sure that they will turn into a beautiful design that will be shown (and hopefully sold) at the Pop-Up. 

Sunset in the air 

White in flight I had the pleasure of viewing beautiful sunsets, city lights, clouds, sunrises and even the tiniest of rainbows from my window seat.  I wanted to capture the beauty and maybe have a few of the pictures framed to enjoy.  Featured is one of the most stunning views I have had the pleasure of viewing.  Enjoy!









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